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Welcome to The Treasure Hunt Hub

Here you'll find everything that you'll ever need to set up a treasure hunt for your family, friends orcoworkers. This site is sponsored by Quest Experiences, the originators of "Questing" with over 30 years of professional treasure hunt design and facilitation experience. You'll find every type of resource for creating treasure hunts and live adventure Quests from creation to execution. Check out our themes section, our many articles in our library or peruse our pages for fun ideas, props and fully downloadable resources, as well!

The term 'Questing' dates back to 1995 when two brothers struggled to find the right words to describe the type of live adventures they were creating. They launched a company called Quest Experiences hoping to show their clients that their adventure hunts were more of an 'experience' than anything else. Over the years, the term 'Questing' (named after the company they started) began to catch on with those that wanted to learn about the live adventures that Quest Experiences was producing. In 2001…(to read more of this article, click here: Questing and Full Adventure Treasure Hunts.)


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