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Snow White Bingo Variations


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Snow White Bingo

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Bingo is already a great game for parties because the rules are easy to learn, all ages can play and the games are quick. Here are some Bingo game variations that will help support your Snow White theme! Looking for Snow White themed Bingo cards? CLICK HERE to download a set of 30 that are TESTED to ensure only one winner (few found online are tested.)


Poisoned Apple Bingo

Snow White was tricked by the wicked Queen to take a bite of poisoned apple that put her into a cursed sleep. Poisoned Apple Bingo takes that concept and creates a Poisoned Apple on each player’s game board.

There are several different ways to choose which space will be the ‘Poisoned Apple ’ for each game board, but the play remains the same. You play Bingo in the traditional way, however, if someone’s Poisioned Apple space is called, then they are automatically
out for that round. The first player to get Bingo without having their ‘Poisoned Apple’ space called, wins.

Possible ways to choose the Poisoned Apple spaces:
• Ahead of time, mark a different space on each of the cards (so that none of the cards have the same space)
• Allow each player BEFORE the round begins to choose one space on their board to be their Poisoned Apple.
• For groups that are more familiar with each other, it can be more fun to have them choose a spot for each other (each person marks the black spot on the game board to their immediate right, for example.)

Heigh-Ho Bingo

In Heigh-Ho Bingo, the goal is to discover a precious gem from the Seven Dwarfs' Mine during game play…a gem being extra spaces marked on their board.

To play, before the round begins, have each player mark on their board their gem space. Each person who marked the space that’s called as their gem space must yell out HEIGH-HO! At this time, you must go to their board to verify their claim and specially mark their board. They ALSO get to choose another space (or more than one if you choose based on the goal of the round) to mark out. If they forget to call HEIGH-HO when their space is called, they cannot claim it later. They must call out HEIGH-HO when it’s called.

Everyone, of course, will want their Eureka space called towards the end so that they can use their extra free space of their choice to win the game!

For added fun, you can also have a supply of treasure gems on hand to give to each participant that has their gem space called. For some reaslistic looking gems to order, CLICK HERE.

Don't Eat The Poisoned Apple Bingo

Although this variation is also based on the poisoned apple part of the Snow White story, the rules for this variation are quite different. At it’s base it involves allowing each player to have two game boards to play with at once, rather than just one.

Each player must mark ONE of their boards (across the top) with the words POISONED APPLE. On the other board, they will write Snow White across the top. Then, play Bingo according to the regular Bingo rules. Each player will play Bingo on BOTH of their boards. The goal will be to get Bingo on the Snow White board BEFORE they get Bingo on the Poisoned Apple board. Once a player gets Bingo on the Poisoned Apple board, they are out for that round.

NOTE: Make sure that you have enough UNIQUE game boards in order for this game to be played (unless you are asking that BOTH boards must win.)


Once Upon A Time Bingo

This type of Bingo works best for themed events and requires a little creativity on your part…but can be a lot more fun to play for your party guests! Once Upon A Time Bingo also requires that you use gameboards that have relatable words on the spaces
rather than the traditional B9, N14, etc.

Make a list of ALL of the call spaces that can be called out during your game. Now, write a very short story (or use a Snow White storybook from the library such as a Little Goldenbook) using all of the words on the list. For best results, insert one word per sentence. The story itself doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece…just something
that flows. You can even have fun with it, incorporating the names of the different players into the story!

When you are ready to play the round, begin reading the story. The players will be intently listening to the story but also staring at their boards. They won’t know which words will be called out and in which order so they’ll have to REALLY be paying attention as the story is read. Read slow for younger players and a more normal pace for adults.




Story of Snow White (First Page Reproduction) on Fairytale Paper