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Even the simplest of treasure hunts can be made a ton of fun by incorporating some fun and exciting props to use, collect along the way or find at the end. The effective use of props can make the hunt itself more exciting - plus it can provide great opportunities for your participants to have great takeaways to help them always remember the fun they had on your treasure hunt adventure!

We've broken out our selection of current props into different categories:

Gold and Gems Treasure - What's a treasure hunt without treasure? We've got some amazing options to choose from to make the hunt worthwhile for all of your treasure hunters!

Puzzle Props - We've designed some amazing props to use as part of the treasure hunting experience. Ancient Egyptian tablets and statues with hidden clues inside. You'll find some fun stuff here!

Antiqued Papers and Maps - Our original, four step antiquing process is like no other. You'll find papers of different themes so that all those clues and maps will be on paper that will truly make your treasure hunt be remembered.

For those looking for more ideas on creating your own treasure, see our post here: Treasure For A Treasure Hunt