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Creating a treasure hunt from scratch can sometimes be a daunting task, but that shouldn't keep someone from setting one up. Whether you're looking for something short, easy and quick or something over the top and one of a kind, you'll find something here that you can use. Many who visit our website for the first time might assume that there's only one type of treasure hunt. We at Quest Experiences celebrate all types of treasure hunts and enjoy constantly coming up with unique versions of our own (which is largely how the whole innovation of QUESTING was originated back in the early 90's.)

Below you'll find links for all aspects of setting up a treasure hunt (not necessarily DESIGNING one, those resources are found HERE.)

DOWNLOADS - We have a myriad of different formats of fully designed treasure hunts. Many involve fun story lines and others involve complete adventures as part of Questing. Your next treasure hunt could be just one download away!

Resources Articles and FAQ's - Setting up a treasure hunt, even one 'right out of a box' can feel overwhelming. Other times we find ourselves wanting to set one up, but hit a snag in the preparation or a hiccup in the coordinating of the event itself. Here you'll find a lot of questions answered to help 'unstick' you when you find yourself stuck.

Props and Treasure - Even if you download an amazing treasure hunt, you can't download those fun props that make a good treasure hunt GREAT! Here you'll find specially aged paper, realistic treasure gems and other fun items to make for something special that you literally can't find anywhere else!