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The term 'Questing' dates back to 1995 when two brothers struggled to find the right words to describe the type of live adventures they were creating. They launched a company called Quest Experiences hoping to show their clients that their adventure hunts were more of an 'experience' than anything else. Over the years, the term 'Questing' (named after the company they started) began to catch on with those that wanted to learn about the live adventures that Quest Experiences was producing.

In an effort to provide a sufficient description and even a 'how-to' for Quest creating and setting up, we've posted a Building a Quest Course. The 'course' is made up of different chapters that will each detail different aspects of creating, planning and facilitating a Quest for someone else or a group of people. The course is far from exhaustive in information, however we believe that it will offer a sufficient foundation for those that would like to get started with Questing. Additionally, we also offer a free sample mini-Quest scenario on the final page of the course. It's HIGHLY suggested that you DO NOT read this sample Quest without first going through the mini-course. Quests can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming when you come at them cold. Reading through the course will help you understand better what you're reading when you go through the sample and you'll be MUCH more excited to set it up for someone!

Below is a list of the different course topics in the order that they are presented. If you would like to begin at the start (a great place) simply click on the first link and the successive topics will be continually linked as you go.


Happy Questing!

Class 1: How It All Got Started
Class 2: Where Do You Begin
Class 3: Themes and Storylines
Class 4: Formats
Class 5: Building the Adventure
Class 6: The Climax
Class 7: Characters
Class 8: Teams
Class 9: Some Final Notes