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Class 6 - The Climax

Decide what the most exciting of all the tasks would be. We chose defeating the Head Vampire as the most exciting (in our Nosferatu Quest.) With very rare exception, the final challenge that the guests take on needs to be the most exciting. They will need to utilize all the skills and knowledge they have collected along their mission. For instance, I had a vampire that would allow participants to enter Luther's lair only once. This means that the team had only ONE chance to defeat him, so they had better make sure that they had done all their 'homework' before they confronted him. This was the climax and tested to make sure that they had done what they were supposed to do beforehand. If a team discovered how to keep from being hypnotized and learned how to steal his power but failed to learn where the secret exit was, they would have been trapped inside with a very angry vampire!

In In Search of the Holy Grail, the climax came when the teams found Morgana's lair and faced her and her magic. During their journey, they learned what to do and say to combat her spells as she tried to perform them. Once Morgana realized her magic was not affecting them, she threw them in her dungeon, where the teams met the character that was guarding the Grail itself. They befriended him and he let them escape with the Grail and their lives. Definitely a memorable ending!

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