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In a continuing effort to provide our visitors with everything they will need to plan any type of treasure hunt, we offer our ever growing library of articles and posts on the topic. Visit us often as our list is always growing. Click on an article title below:

Treasure Hunts for Preteens and Middle Schoolers - Planning a treasure hunt for that 10-12 year crowd has its own set of challenges. Here we attempt to take them on and offer helpful suggestions to reach this dynamic group of children.

Traffic Control in a Treasure Hunt - Planning on more than one person going on your treasure hunt? Lots of other people?

Treasure Map Format in Treasure Hunts - How exactly does one incorporate a treasure map into a treasure hunt without revealing the final location too soon?

Non-Linear Treasure Hunt Format - What if you don't want to have everyone rushing to the same location at once?

Non Rhyming Clue Treasure Hunt - Looking to plan something outside of the traditional rhyming clue to rhyming treasure hunt? There ARE other formats out there…

Rhyming Clue to Rhyming Clue Treasure Hunt - Perhaps the most traditional and often overused - here are some ideas to spruce it up a bit.

Treasure for a Treasure Hunt - Ok, so you have your hunt in place…but where's the treasure?

Storylines in Treasure Hunts
- Give them more than randomness in your treasure hunt.
Treasure Hunts vs. Scavenger Hunts - What's the difference between the two?


6 Creative Ways To Kick Off Your Pirate Themed Treasure Hunt - Try one of these exciting treasure hunt launchers!

Four Exciting Pirate Treasure Hunt Back Stories
- Help your treasure hunters know exactly what it is that they're looking for!

Creating Your Pirate Treasure Scene - You've created an amazing treasure hunt…but how do you make that final treasure scene look just as amazing?

Creating a Pirate Dungeon Scene For Your Treasure Hunt - This single addition to your pirate treasure hunt could thrust the whole activity into awesomeness!

Five Creative Ways To Form Teams For A Pirate Treasure Hunt - forming teams for larger groups is sometimes a necessity. With this five ideas you'll be able to keep the fun going while you do!

Treasure Hunts vs. Scavenger Hunts - Are they same? How are they different so you can choose the best activity for your party or event?

Treasure Hunt Killers - Those pesky beasts that can kill the fun of your treasure hunt - find out what they are so they won't kill the fun of yours!