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Four Exciting Pirate Treasure Hunt Back Stories

Thanks to the popularity of the video game industry, every child has a full understanding of what a back story is. Every main character in the games they play has some sort of past that interrelates with the whole story of the game itself. The kids really get into them, too, sharing these stories on the playgrounds and in the lunchrooms. So, why not add a little back story to your pirate themed treasure hunt!? The story doesn't have to be overly involved, just enough to pique their interests and motivate them to become a part of the treasure hunt you have planned.

Now, I know that many of you might be thinking "Well, it's a pirate's treasure…isn't that back story enough?" Well, why don't we consider adding a little more to the story. Where did the treasure come from? Who had it last? Is it lost or was it stolen? Is there a curse associated with it? Let's add some excitement and mystery to the mix. Consider adding one of the following back stories to your pirate treasure hunt:

Feuding Captains - So the story goes, two pirate ship captains joined forces to take on a heavily gunned and defended Spanish galleon. The booty was then stored on an island where the men began to split the wealth between the two crews. It wasn't long before the two captains began to quarrel over the equality of the split and a war broke out between the two crews. Neither crew was ever heard from again. However, the story somehow got out. Someone must have made it out alive. Do they still know where the treasure is? Find him and maybe you'll find the treasure!

Where's My Treasure? - Have a volunteer, dressed as a pirate, come in to your party and take one of your guests 'hostage' (of course this will be all arranged ahead of time so that your guest is prepared to be 'taken.') He will explain how he's been searching for his brother's treasure for five years but hasn't found it. His brother promised him a share of the treasure that he accumulated after years of piracy at sea. However, the buccaneer brother died before he could tell him where he stashed it. He's desperate for the treasure and will run your guest through if they don't find the treasure within one hour (or however long you want your treasure hunt to last.) He can then give the treasure hunters the last clue that he was following and they will be off!


A Ghost of a Captain
- A notorious pirate captain has attacked the most number of ships of any other captain in the Caribbean, but failed to successfully gain any real fortune. Dying as a laughing stock in the piratical world, his ghost is cursed to walk the earth searching for treasure as he did when he was alive. At your party, have a volunteer dressed like a ghost pirate cause a lot of trouble (spilling drinks, moving furniture in annoying places, etc.) To end the madness, make a deal with the captain (of course, in front of everyone) that if your party guests can find some treasure for him that he will leave the party and never return.

The Shifty Captain - When Captain Bloodlust and his crew sunk the S.S. Flora off the coast of Jamaica, the whole crew thought that they could retire and settle down on one of the local islands…until the captain turned traitor on his own crew. Moving the choicest pieces of the treasure to a small away boat, he blew the hull of the ship while his men slept at night, sinking the ship and killing everyone on board. Rumors floated throughout the islands regarding different sitings of the captain…but no word on the treasure. Where did he stash it? Your treasure hunters could be the ones to find out!

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