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Class 9 - Some Final Notes

Well, if you made it this far (assuming you've been to class every day and haven't skipped any…if not, you know who you are…) then you can be congratulated and officially ready to create your first Quest scenario. By scenario, we are referring to a single scene within the Quest. The example we gave with Clarise's tavern in Dark Fortune was one scenario. As a reward, we've designed a full adventure scenario that incorporates all that you just learned about how to create and set up a Quest. It's a relatively short experience for the adventurer, but a LOT OF FUN!

What is the storyline for the scenario - THE HANDOFF? Well, your adventurer will have to complete a simple task…drop off an artifact to a mysterious art collector. Simple enough, right? Well, what happens when the collector discover that the artifact is a fake and the situation gets very uncomfortable for both. How will your adventurer get out of it? Read the scenario and see!

The file is in standard Adobe Acrobat pdf format and can be downloaded by clicking HERE.