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Class 3 - Themes and Storylines

The theme and storyline will become your lifeline. If your lifeline turns into a flat line, what happens? The whole body is dead and lifeless. It won't matter how much muscle you may have developed in your legs, if the body is flat lining, then you ain't goin' nowhere. All your clues, characters, everything will revolve around keeping your theme and storyline alive.

"Ok, I've worked with themes before…but what do you mean by a storyline?" Once again, I am glad you asked. You are going to be asking your participants to go on an incredible mission. What mission? Well, that is your storyline. Within your theme, you need an overall exciting goal for your guests to attempt (and ultimately succeed in) achieving. Are they looking for pirates' treasure? Are they trying to save a French Aristocrat during the French Revolution? Are they trying to smuggle war plans across enemy lines during the American Civil War? Get the idea? All clues and characters will lead and help them on this mission.

You do not need to decide upon a theme and storyline yet. However, it is IMPERATIVE that you have both BEFORE a single decision is made in designing your Quest.

Below are several considerations in choosing a theme and storyline:


First, choose something that inspires YOU. That's right, YOU. If you find it exciting, you can make it exciting for others. Simple truism.

Keep your participants in mind. Is it something that THEY could be interested in? (Although, my experience shows that EVERY theme is interesting if presented the right way.)

Keep in mind your surroundings. Will you have access to a wooded area? Perhaps you'll want to search for Bigfoot or discover an ancient idol in India. Do you have access to the top of a tall building? Sounds like a great place to meet a British Secret Service agent.
Although props and costumes aren't imperative for a successful Quest, it might be a good idea to look around and see what kind of items you have access to. For instance, the fundraiser I mentioned prior chose the Quest, In Search of the Holy Grail. The benefit was being held in a beautiful mansion that had lots of wood and old European style furniture, giving it a possible medieval feel. The theme fit the surroundings and it did not take a lot of decorating!

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