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Treasure hunts come in all different formats and types. We here at Quest Experiences enjoy celebrating all of the variations possible and especially enjoy creating variations of our own. Sometimes you're looking for something right out of the box requiring a minimal amount of planning. Other times you'll have creative ideas of your own and will need something that can be adapted to something specific you have in mind. Either way, we hope to have what you're looking for. Below are the different formats of treasure hunts that we currently offer in downloadable form.

Treasure Hunt Puzzles - These were created with a 'Lego' concept in mind. They are offered in themed packages, but they can be linked together in any way you'd like, across themes. They are flexible enough to be used together in the order and quantity of your choice or can be used as inserts in a treasure hunt you are already planning. Click HERE to see our selection of treasure hunt puzzles packages.

Treasure Hunts For Prereaders - For those that aren't quite up to the challenge of written clues for a treasure hunt, we provide these complete packages to create simple but fun treasure hunts that incorporate images rather than written clues in a treasure hunt. We have several different themes to choose from and you can read more about them HERE.

Full Adventures and Quests - Questing takes going on a treasure hunt to an all new level. With our full Adventures and Quests we provide some packaged adventures that you can set up where the adventure is real and the fun is through the roof! Click HERE to see our current selection of available Quests to download.

Everything Else… - Sometimes we come up with a treasure hunt format that just doesn't fit ANY category. We love to experiment!