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We are constantly experimenting and coming up with fresh new treasure hunt ideas. Sometimes they are so different that they warrant their own category! Each one is available for instant download. Click on each link below to learn more about each adventure…

World Spy Email Adventure - This email adventure is probably closer to a Quest than a treasure hunt, but doesn't really fit in either category very nicely. The ENTIRE adventure happens in real time via email. You control the emails that are sent to the adventurer - just cut and paste the text into your emails and they will be sent on an exciting espionage adventure! Click HERE to read more…

The Discovery of the XT-99 - This one goes out to all those Star Wars and Star Trek fans out there! Due to copyright issues, we cannot create any hunt based on these franchises…so we figured out our own way! The Discovery of the XT-99 allows itself to be inserted into ANY science fiction world - but has a slight leaning towards a Star Wars / Jedi Knight feel (without breaking any copyright laws.)

Quest Bible Scripture Hunts - Want to plan a treasure hunt where all of the clues along the way are found in the Bible? A quick download and print and you'll be on your way. Click HERE to read more…