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Although treasure hunts can come in every possible shape and size, for the sake of explanation we've crudely divided them up into three major groups (as detailed below). Of course, there's no rule breaking in taking aspects of each and creating a hybrid of your own design…that's so much of the fun of creating your own treasure hunt. It truly can be a personal creation!

Each type has it's own set of benefits and challenges. Knowing what type of treasure hunt that you'd like to create early on will save you time and energy in the long run. Consider not just the amount of time that you'll have to create and prepare, but also the amount of energy that it can consume.

The Basic Treasure Hunt - This type of treasure hunt is the most traditional in thought, potentially the easiest to set up and create because it's typically for a single person. The participant typically follows a clue to clue format (location to location in a linear fashion.) The duration of time it takes to complete the treasure hunt is typically shorter than the other two and covers a smaller space (often within a single home, office space, etc.)

The Adventure Treasure Hunt - This type is typically for more than one person (though doesn't have to be), and sometimes for groups in the hundreds (for those that are very ambitious and are experienced with crowd control in conjunction with treasure hunt design.) For the sake of our explanations, they also incorporate a theme of some sort and typically a storyline behind the hunt itself (the hunt's 'back story', if you will.)

The Quest - This type of 'treasure hunt' is really in a class of its own, however it was worth including within the context here of what is explained on this site. The Quest brings in volunteers playing characters to create a themed experience for someone. Perhaps they've always wanted to be a spy or Indiana Jones. This is the format to use to bring that real life feeling the 'treasure hunt.' The duration of time it takes to go one a Quest varies on the design. This particular format is heavy on storyline, however one doesn't need to be a writer to create a Quest.

To begin creating your treasure hunt or Quest, click on one of the links to get started: The Basic Treasure Hunt, The Adventure Treasure Hunt or The Quest.