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Gold and Treasure Gems

Looking for some unique treasures to include in your treasure hunt? We are working to constantly build up our selection of treasure items so that you'll have just what you'll need to pull off the treasure hunt you imagine. We've broken the treasure out into two groups:

Gold and Treasure Gems

Our Treasure Gems are truly one of kind find. Fashioned from solid plastic, they have a nice weight to them and were designed to be viewed from ALL sides. In other words, they do NOT have that pesky flat mirror back like the ones you can find at craft stores. You can see right through them and have a deep, vibrant color. We offer them in a variety of color combinations so that you can achieve the exact look you want. Click HERE to see more…

Our Gold Treasure Collection is something very unique. Each piece is solid plaster (to ensure that there is a somewhat realistic weight to them) and is painted in gold. Plaster was the choice of material for these so that they would be accessible on any treasure hunt budget. Keep in mind that many also have a stone version available with the option to hide a clue INSIDE the statue (the treasure hunter needing to break the stone version to get the clue!) Click HERE to see more…