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When one thinks of an exciting treasure hunt he might think of Indiana Jones or National Treasure. And right he should! What made those adventures so exciting, from a treasure hunt perspective, that is (I mean, all those chase scenes and stunts were a lot of fun, too!) was the seamless incorporation of the treasure hunt props and the storylines. We watched with excitement as the characters worked hard at the clues to figure out 'where to go to next.'

In that spirit, we're working on a new line of products that will provide the same level of excitement in your treasure hunt, without the multi-million dollar budget!

See below for our current selection

Antiqued Papers and Maps

Take your treasure hunts to the next level with our original, antiqued paper options. From maps to blank papers, you'll be sure to amaze your treasure hunters with paper so authentically aged that it actually FEELS old. Our extensive, four step aging process takes ordinary paper and turns it into something that looks and feels centuries old. As a final touch, we've added a fifth step which creates subtle hints of shimmering gold on the pages when held up to the light. With your hand written messages on these papers, you'll create real souvenirs for your treasure hunters!


We currently have three different categories of antiqued papers

Blank Sheets (Themed and Un-Themed) - We have literally dozens of different themes to check out from pirates to steampunk. You'll be sure to find the right theme to match your treasure hunt. If not, well we also have blank sheets!

Maps - Want a map of Africa? Perhaps the Caribbean? They come with the geographical names detailed as well as left blank so that you can put in your own information.

Fun Props - How about some wizard spell book pages for your Medieval Quest? Or maybe some pages of classic literature? Have fun perusing - you might find something that's perfect for what you're looking for!

PLEASE NOTE: Because our paper sheets are truly 'aged,' they can be highly textured making it difficult for some printers. Although many of our customers have had no problem running the paper through a printer, many have run into problems getting clean 'prints' due to this texture on 'cheaper' ink-jets.


The Stele of Khafra (Coming Soon) - The Stele of Khafra comes with an authentic looking, aged tablet with a variety of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs engraved on it (with a gold painted option also available.) There is a myriad of information one can learn from translating the tablet, from the name of a city or pharoah, to the number of years for clues and more! Also included are FIVE hand antiqued research pages that will fully translate the stele. With so many options, YOU get to choose how you want to use it! PLUS - We've hidden a clue INSIDE the tablet itself!

The Gold Stele of Khafra (Coming Soon) - Similar to the Stone version but this one can be used as treasure! (Please note, that due to the idea that it's made of 'gold' we've NOT included the hidden clue inside lest it would break the illusion.)

Congo Monkey Skull Duo (Coming Soon) - In this package, you'll receive one stone looking version and one gold painted version of the Congo Monkey Skull. INSIDE the stone version is a wooden disk with a symbol drawn on it. That symbol matches a symbol found on a piece of paper research (also provided) that you can give to your adventurers as part of your hunt. The research sheet has several different symbols on it and YOU get to choose the translations for each (making it easily inserted into your hunt.) What would you like the symbol on the wooden disk to mean? Simply write that next to the matching symbol on the research sheet and you're ready to go! Having BOTH the stone and gold versions in a single package easily sets the story that the stone skull was created to find the gold treasure version (a GREAT starting scenario for your adventure hunt!)

Congo Monkey Skull - Trio of Stone (Coming Soon) - In this package, you'll receive three different skull statuettes, each with a different wooden disk inserted within. What is on each of them? That's completely up to you! There is a maximum of SIX letters that can be written on each disk…but just think of the combinations!