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1950s Themed Treasure Hunts

The 1950s is such a great theme for a party and activities. If you're looking to incorporate a treasure hunt style activity into your party schedule, consider some of these ideas to help bring out the fun while keeping within the 1950s theme.

Hide a clue inside some 1950s food. Seriously? Yep, seriously. Write a clue on a small rock or piece of wood and then put it INSIDE a dish of ice cream or malt. The participants will have to reach in and clean off the item before they will be able to read the clue. It's a little messy, but a lot fun!

Do you have some record albums from the 50s? Some record albums that you can make LOOK like they are from the 50s by dressing up the covers a little (or providing them with new covers)? Perfect. On ONE of the album covers, provide the clue that the treasure hunters are looking for. They'll need to peruse the different album covers to find it!

If all of your teams/participants will have access to a cell phone, try this fun addition…have them call into a 50s radio station. Do this by arranging a volunteer in advance to wait by their phone - make sure that your volunteer is someone who can be out of themselves and crazy like the old DJ's in the 50s. He can provide the next clue in the treasure hunt once the caller answers a couple of questions, sings a part of the song, or any number of 'stunt' you want to ask of them.


Similar to the above idea, you can have your guests do any number of 'tasks' before they are given their next clue. Have a volunteer stationed at one of your stops. When the teams/participants arrive at the stop, the volunteer instructs them that they must complete a task before they will be give them the next clue. Tasks could include lip- syncing a song or doing the Twist for one minute, etc.

Create a clue in a WORD document that is password protected. Utilize a clip from an old 1950s movie to reveal what the password is. You can either provide a question with which the participants must give the one word answer (as the document password to open it) or provide a movie quote with a word left out and the participants must watch the clip to complete the quote. Youtube is a great place to nab a short clip from a movie if you aren't handy with video editing.

Purchase a bag of old 1950s themed candies. Take off the wrappers and insert a clue into each one. Replace the wrappers. Have the teams/participants instructed to take one piece of candy…and they'll be on their way.

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